Today is the Day!

That’s right, today is the day. For those of you who don’t know our story, we are finally closing on our house today! (T minus 4.5 hours, yay!)

But this has not been without its share of drama and setbacks. A brief summary of our saga goes something like this:

I’m Erika. I married my husband, Ben, in September (a saga of its own!) shortly after we moved to Charleston, SC into our soon-to-be-a-thing-of-the-past one bedroom apartment. While we were here we experienced the daily little mini-dramas of apartment life- purging down to the bare necessities to fit, arguing over precious closet space and dresser drawers, broken dishwashers, being able to hear our neighbors pee and do “other things”, etc. Then we experienced some slightly bigger sized dramas like the police responding to domestic disturbances upstairs, parties at 3am on weekdays, the fire alarm being pulled by drunk people at 5am and the maintenance guys not realizing we were leasing a storage shed on the property and throwing away our stuff. Bottom line: it was time to move on.

So we looked into buying our first home. We quickly fell in love with our new neighborhood and figured out that, right now, new construction was the way to go for us. We discussed our interest with the building company and they said our house would take 3-4 months. This was October, so we are thinking maybe like January/February, right? Wrong. They push it back to March… ok, fine. Then it is ahead of schedule and going to be finished early, they say… yay, right? Wrong again. They were like “JK” (not really, but basically) we are actually BEHIND and we are now looking at May. Well the Baltimore girl in me came out swingin’ and we ended up with April… TODAY… Yay again!

So since signing on in October, we have been a little ripped off by our lender… twice. My job become very unstable and my hours were cut back. And, my husband found out he may be furloughed… every Friday for 5 months… right after we close. Um, hey, did we mention we are taking on a MORTGAGE?! Ugh. But anyway, God did as God does and after teaching us lessons about valuing what we have, budgeting, prioritizing, and trusting in Him, Ben’s furlough got cut down and I found a new job that I love and pays twice as much as my old job… Yay again! Don’t get me wrong… we are still on a budget, but we didn’t have to give up our pretty new house.

And after all that, after fighting an uphill battle for the last 6 months…. today is the day! Ahh! I am up super early (which is like snow in Mexico) because I am too excited to sleep. It’s like Christmas, except so much BIGGER… and more expensive! haha.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about keeping this blog on how I am figuring out fabulous (sometimes feels like figuring out how to be a grown up and live like a real person)… and doing so on a budget, using some DIY thriftiness and creativity. I know these blogs are a dime a dozen and it’s very probable that no one will read this (except for maybe my parents, hi mom and dad!), but I think it will be a good outlet for me. If you’ve read this far, hope you enjoy!

NOTE: I can be a little (ok, a lot) dramatic sometimes- in life and in this post. I didn’t want to leave anyone with the impression that I am sincerely complaining/unhappy because of these little dramas. I am so incredibly blessed and so very thankful for the house we are getting, no matter what it took to get there. I am so thankful that we had a nice apartment to live in and that we both have jobs and never struggle with putting food on the table, or anything like that. There are people who have much less than a one bedroom apartment, so I try not to take these things for granted… even though, like I said, I can be a little dramatic about our daily little setbacks.



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